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I woke up feeling something squirm in my arms.

i opened my eyes to see chloe trying to sit up but i was in her way.

i smiled and shifted so i was on my back and she was on my chest. "well, good morning sunshine." i said.

chloe looked at me and giggled. she sat on my chest, still wrapped in her blue shirt from yesterday (or this afternoon...what time is?) and looked me as if she expected something from me.


she leaned over to play with my haoir again. then she looked at her foist and fisted and unfisted them a dozen times, giggling madly.

i was looking at her with my liped puckered, a questionly look. she looked at me opened her mouth and kissed my mouth.

now i dont know if u kno this or not, but baby kissins are when they open there mouth, stick out there tounge and practically lick u all over

*damn* i thought. *Why wont she do that when shes her normal age*

when she was done kissing (?) me, she pulled back and looked at me and pursed her lips. i sighed and kissed her cheek, thinking to myself i should have done that when shes older.

she looked at me. "dwek." she said carfully. she smiled while i just started at her. 'Huh?' i said stupidly. "dwek. u, dwek." she looked extreamly proud of her self for saying some of my name.

i nodded slowly while getting up i looked at her, like REALLY looked at her. her hair was longer today and she looked taller. her hands were bigger and her lashes looked less huge. when she opened her mouth she had a  tooth sticking out.

i pointed my finger to her mouth. "where did that come from."

wroung thing todo.

she grabbed her cheeks, one hand going in to check her tooth. her eyes started to fill up as if she was just relizing the pain of a new tooth. she looked at my hand and grabbed one of my fingers to hold on to. ok, tat could help. she sould squeeze it unti-

or just put it in her mouth. that works too.

she pushed my finger with her toung to the front of her mouth, teething. i looked at her bewildered. the inside of her couth felt all weird, like gum. not gum like ur gum gum jus plan out gum out of the box.

sighing, i stood up with my finger still in her mouth and went to the libary to see it empty.

i was going to tell to wake up when someone beat me. "Toe-we!Toe-we!" chloe shouted, spitting my finger out. after looking around not seeing her, she looked at me and pointed down. i set her on her feet  with me bending over and held her hands while she balenced her self on her legs. she wobbled and took one step forward. she wobbled. took another step forword. she callapsed.

i was picking her up when she started to squirm. i quickly set her on her feet. i sat down next to her, holding her hands. "Ok chloe, just hold my hands untill you got some balence..."


i walked into walmart to pick out some new chlothes for chloe. i figured that brain boy or drama queen would want to do so i did. andrew was with me but he went to look at books. i rolled my eyes. guys.

i found this really cute dress for a 1 year old. then for a 2 year old and so forth. i went all the way up to 8 year old seeing how in a few days when shes 8 ill take her here to pick out her own chloths.

i walked over to the baby stuff. binkies, hair ties, hair brushes, the the shower tub thing, and some bottles. i grabbed some toys too that she could use till she was 10 and she had to stop using barbie dolls.

god, i thought to myself. she is litarly going to drown in all these toys.

i walked over to the shoes and grabbed some of those too.

then i walked past something that made me laugh.


i grabbed a pack, trying to keep my gut in. i grabbed a camra to becuz i am SO not missing out on this.

hehe this is going to be fun.


i was still holding on to chloes hands while teaching her how to walk when suddenly her faced changed with alarm. she looked at me, crossing her legs and danceing when she said 'pee'

i widened my eyes and rushed her to the bathroom. i put her on the toliet and jusst in time for her to pee. i had to hold her upper arms so she wouldn't fall in.

i surpressed a groan. Tori, you better fucking fix her!
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